Start of a Short Story

I like to allude to my favorite songs and movies in stories, as I did in this one. I don’t know where this story is going, but I like how I started it. enjoy!

“Do you think there are really Starmen in the sky?”


“You know, Starmen.”

James glanced over at Raina, who was lying limp in overgrown grass, moist from the dew. Laying flat on her back, he noticed her protruding collar bones, one a bit distorted from a break that had happened when they were children. As well as her clavicle, graceful hipbones were noticeable in low waisted sweatpants. She worried him sometimes, not just in her questions, she always had odd questions that puzzled him, it was her appearance.

“Raina?” James said in a somewhat contorted voice. He hasn’t spoken much all day, and for the few negligible words he said, he felt as if he had to reteach his mouth to output them. It was familiar to laying idle for a day, then attempting to go for a run. Raina didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah?”she said in a sedative manner.

“Starmen? Like aliens?”

“No, I mean Starmen.”

“Wh- what are Starmen?”

“Its not ‘what’ but ‘who’.” She said, providing emphasis on the ‘who’.

James chuckled silently, putting his hand to his temple. He slumped in his chair on the patio, and said nonchalantly, “Fine, who are starmen?” emphasizing the ‘who’ like she did.

“They watch us, wait for us. In the sky,” she said in a mix of monotone and enthusiasm. Sometimes, he was convinced, she was herself and alien. An alien from some distant planet engraved by beauty and innocence,


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Sad Birds and Gypsy Flowers

On playing around with wording and prose: This poem is nothing serious, I created a little story about a nightingale and a flower. I used inspirations like Anne Rice, and Oscar Wilde to create this. The ending seems abrupt, but otherwise, if it wasn’t it would be too long.

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First Thoughts

I’m currently writing something I plan to send in to Glimmer Train Magazine. Hopefully I can get it finished near the end of January. Maybe I’ll post it once it’s all done. I gotta start somewhere, so wish me luck. let me add that I can not stress how naive I feel. I’ve heard even experienced writers feel insecure about their writing, but this feeling is severe as a “youngster”. To try to get over this, I’m going to try to put a short poem up every now and then. Poems are not my strong point, but I like writing them, so I’ll post my first one here. (Critics are welcome, I myself am a huge critic).

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