First Thoughts

I’m currently writing something I plan to send in to Glimmer Train Magazine. Hopefully I can get it finished near the end of January. Maybe I’ll post it once it’s all done. I gotta start somewhere, so wish me luck. let me add that I can not stress how naive I feel. I’ve heard even experienced writers feel insecure about their writing, but this feeling is severe as a “youngster”. To try to get over this, I’m going to try to put a short poem up every now and then. Poems are not my strong point, but I like writing them, so I’ll post my first one here. (Critics are welcome, I myself am a huge critic).

 Blue Eyes

Blue eyes like the silver on the wrist of an independent woman;

the linen that makes her sheets, and

the clutch she holds close to her,

not for secrecy but for satisfaction.


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